The Orphan (The Kraften Trilogy) – for fans of “Divergent,” “Hunger Games,” “Broken Earth,” a new YA dystopian sci-fantasy trilogy

Set in a dystopian post climate apocalypse near future, “The Orphan” is sure to appeal to fans of "Divergent,” "Hunger Games," “Motherland: Fort Salem,” “The Darkest Minds,” and “The Broken Earth” trilogy.

From “American Idol” to Hell. Queer Music Video Series Reveals The Dark Side of Hollywood

Channeling Billie Holiday, Prince and Sylvester, glittering gender fluid pop/R&B singer DIIMOND sings of regret and frustration after being beaten, yet again, by his psychotically possessive manager, Damion, in “Bad Attitude,” his first music video from the forthcoming queer, Neo-noir musical miniseries, “The Truth About Fairy Tales.”

Meet the Gay Record Executive who signed Metallica, Beat AIDS and Took a Bubble Bath with Nina Simone

In his recently published autobiography, Michael Alago recounts his fearless entry into the punk rock scene as a gay Puerto Rican teen from Brooklyn, the intense music biz career that followed, surviving AIDS in the 90s, his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and photographing some of the hottest roughnecks on the planet.