Above: Chris Corsini aka MDL CHLD. Photo by Sergio Sofin.

Above: Chris Corsini aka MDL CHLD. Photo by Skream.
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Queer Self-Empowerment Champ Chris Corsini is back with Hater-Cancelling MDL CHLD single “All The Sudden”

Out100 Honoree, Savage X Fenty astrologer says, “I want you to stand in your power and chase your dreams”

Perhaps you met gay tarot card reader, energy healer and astrologer Chris Corsini aka music artist MDL CHLD (Middle Child) via the 2021 Out100 list. Or enjoyed his high energy Savagescopes for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty social media (“they sent me a bunch of sexy lingerie to wear for the videos”) and promptly joined his over 463K Instagram followers. Or bopped to last year’s MDL CHLD “Funk (About You)” video featuring members of the LGBTQ, Deaf and BIPOC communities. However you met MDL CHLD, he’s back with a new self-empowering pop single, “All The Sudden.”

Whereas previous videos “Funk (About You),” “#DFWY (Don’t Fuck with You),” “Left for Dead,” and “Mama” were about “finding the people you vibe with and letting go of those who do not serve or motivate you,” “All the Sudden” and forthcoming videos “Numb” and “Dough Booty” are about finding yourself, embracing previously hidden layers, and moving on to a new chapter of your life.” 

“In a word, it’s about confidence,” says Corsini, as a TV reporter dodging “a big gay meteor shower” while batting away haters in “All The Sudden.” “I want you to stand in your power and chase your dreams, even when people don’t understand or support you, at first. Trust me, eventually things will work in your favor. Even if it’s not the original plan that you had, show off your gifts and the world will respond. Those who are meant to find you always will, and when it happens it all happens quick! 

“The quick and sudden changes in your life–your “overnight success”–can take years to create, but the only timeline that matters is your own. Only you can do you, and that’s where your power lies,” he adds. “Focus and persistence is key and sometimes all you have. When it gets tough, commit to feeling what you’re feeling in that moment: embrace it, allow it to pass, integrate it, and then keep pushing forward. Follow your gut, take a chance!”

“All The Sudden” is available now on all major music platforms. Watch for two more MDL CHLD singles and an EP this Fall. Follow Chris Corsini on Instagram (463K Followers), TikTok (16.6K Followers), and YouTube (46.2K Subscribers). Visit Inward Boutique by Chris Corsini.

Chris Corsini aka MDL CHLD by Sergio Sofin.


“MDL CHLD is my way to show the world you can express yourself in many ways: I am not just a “teacher” or a psychic/astrologer, says Corsini. “I am a multi-layered individual who feels sexy, and sad, and angry, and happy, and all of the complex emotions that come with the human experience. I want people to see all of these sides of me and be inspired by what I have created for myself, and the healing that I’ve done, so they can be attracted to my music but also connect with the rest of our (Inward Boutique) healing modalities and resources to create a better, more expressive, more peaceful and abundant life for themselves.”

As a professional American Sign Language Interpreter (Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers), Corsini remains fiercely committed to the inclusion of the Deaf community in both his work as MDL CHLD and as an astrologer. All MDL CHLD videos, including “All the Sudden,” incorporate ASL as well as graphics and captions created by a Deaf artist. Corsini’s card readings, horoscopes, online “pay what you can” meditation workshops and zodiac merchandise* by Deaf designer Alessio Convito all feature ASL.

*Corsini: “50% of all the proceeds that are collected from the merchandise help fund our community creativity Deaf artist grants, and Deaf BIPOC artist/Small Business grants to support their creative endeavors, art, and business. This is an annual giveaway – we just started offering the T-shirts and sweaters, so this will be the first year we do it, and applications were open in the fall.”

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About Chris Corsini aka MDL CHLD

Chris Corsini is reshaping accessibility & inclusivity in both the arts & spiritual communities. His vision with MDL CHLD is to merge his profession as an American Sign Language Interpreter and his passion for performance into a uniquely accessible approach by integrating Deaf community members, both in front & behind the camera, and normalizing ASL/captioned content; he also prioritizes his own LGBTQ+ Community & BIPOC individuals whenever possible. 

His roster includes Savagescopes for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty social media, interpreting for Jay Z, Taylor Swift, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers, Thomas Rhett and many more. 

In 2021 Out Magazine placed him on their prestigious Out100 list. His tarot, astrology, and workshop content has landed him a gig doing Savagescopes for Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty social media, and features in ELLEStylist, NOTION, and FASHION magazines, and he recently received the Well+Good 2021 Changemakers Award. His goal is to further close the gap between communities by creating healing spaces and entertainment by creating mind-blowing, distinctive experiences that carve out a unique path and set them apart from the rest. Chris Corsini is from Toronto, but currently lives in Lisbon.

Photos from “All The Sudden” video by MDL CHLD. “All The Sudden” photos by Skream. Umbrella photo by Sergio Sofin.

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