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There are over 520 anti-LGBTQ aka “Don’t Say Gay” bills* that have been introduced to state legislatures across the U.S. 220 bills specifically target transgender and non-binary people. 47 anti-LGBTQ laws have been enacted so far this year.

It is critically important that LGBTQ+ people AND their allies step up and show the world that we exist. Proudly. Here are three colorful ally-friendly Pride T-shirts designed by gay-owned The Tee Service perfect for Pride Month.

The Pride Dots and Pride Echoes T-shirt designs are subtle, but steeped in Pride history. Both are graphic representations of 20 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags.

On the Pride Dots shirts, each column of dots represents a different flag. The Pride Echoes design represents the same flags as concentric rings, inspired by the work of graphic designer Milton Glaser. 

100% of the profits from The SAY GAY T-shirts are being donated to organizations fighting “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. So far over $1000 has been donated to the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). 

All T-shirts, as well as tote, throw pillow, and mug versions are available at The Tee Service shop on Etsy. www.theteeservice.com

Below are two lists of the 20 Flags represented on the Pride Dots and Pride Echoes shirts. The first list is of the flags as seen on the Pride Echoes shirt (left to right, top to bottom.) The second list is an alphabetical version of the same.

1. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 7 stripes 1978
2. Aromantic Pride Flag
3. Asexual Pride Flag
4. Lesbian Pride Flag
5. Bear Brotherhood Pride Flag
6. Transgender Pride Flag
7. Progress Pride Flag
8. Polysexual Pride Flag
9. Intersex Pride Flag
10. Gay Men’s Pride Flag
11. Genderfluid Pride Flag
12. Philadelphia Pride Flag
13. Genderqueer Pride Flag
14. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 8 stripes 1978
15. Pansexual Pride Flag
16. Agender Pride Flag
17. Bisexual Pride Flag
18. Bigender Pride Flag
19. Nonbinary Pride Flag
20. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 6 stripes 1979

1. Agender Pride Flag
2. Aromantic Pride Flag
3. Asexual Pride Flag
4. Bear Brotherhood Pride Flag
5. Bigender Pride Flag
6. Bisexual Pride Flag
7. Gay Men’s Pride Flag
8. Genderfluid Pride Flag
9. Genderqueer Pride Flag
10. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 8 stripes 1978
11. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 7 stripes 1978
12. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag 6 stripes 1979
13. Intersex Pride Flag
14. Lesbian Pride Flag
15. Nonbinary Pride Flag
16. Pansexual Pride Flag
17. Philadelphia Pride Flag
18. Polysexual Pride Flag
19. Progress Pride Flag
20. Transgender Pride Flag

Say Gay and Pride Dots shirts as seen on Instagram @TheTeeService
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