Aside from an impromptu beyond casual recent gig at Halcyon Records as the guest of Kellen303, I have not Died for a minute. However, below are promos, gigs and more or less the entire contents of my blog when I was pretty much the only out gay DJ with my show “Penetration,” on the groundbreaking East Village Radio from 2005 – 2009.


MOST RECENT GIG: Aug 25, 2018, Halcyon Records, Brooklyn
Oct 23, 2011, Fist-Fest, The Monster, 80 Grove St., NYC, 5 – Midnight
Apr 9, 2011: Caligula Maximus. Opening party DJ. House Of Yes, Brooklyn.
Nov 21, 2010
Padasonic@ Panda Bar, NYC. 193 Chrystie
Dec 20, 2009,
Vandam (Susanne Bartsch) Downstairs @ The Greenhouse. Flyer above.
Oct 29, 2009, Highline Ballroom, opening DJ for Cucu Diamantes live show
Jul 22, David Barton Gym, Astor Place. 5:30 – 9:30
Jun 14, Vandam (Susanne Bartsch) Downstairs @ The Greenhouse. Flyer above. PLAYLIST
Apr 26, Vandam (Susanne Bartsch) Downstairs @ The Greenhouse. Flyer above. PLAYLIST
Apr 17, 2009 mooseKNUCKLE @ The Hose, 225 Ave. B. 10 – 4. Free. PLAYLIST
Mar 6, 2009, mooseKNUCKLE @ The Hose. Flyer above. PLAYLIST
Jan 23, 2009, mooseKNUCKLE @ The Hose. Flyer above. PLAYLIST

You rocked the fucking HOUSE last night!! You really turned it out. And on VINYL!! Color this jaded queen impressed.  – Brian Moylan, Editor, Next Magazine, NYC on the Vandam gig, April 26. See that nights’ playlist here.

DJ Andy ReynoldsDJ Andy Reynolds is most known for his radio show Penetration, broadcast via from February 2, 2005 through May 31, 2009. has hosted his online radio show, Penetration, but he has also DJed at various spots around town including New York art world figure Gavin Brown’s bar Passerby, record shop Halcyon, Sapphire, Mr. Black and most hot 2009 East Village spot mooseKNUCKLE @ The Hose and Susanne Bartsch’s Vandam party (in Desi Monster & Ladyfag’s room).

Known for DJ sets that are always fun, sometimes sly and occasionally jaw-dropping, a typical set is a mix of obscure disco, electro, post punk, funk and Italo spiked with the occasional whatthefucker for good measure. Andy says, “My aim as a DJ is for people listening to have as much fun as I do spinning. Regardless of the genre, I play records that sound great, whether it’s killer production, over-the-top lyrics or just plain twisted. When a guy or girl rushes to the booth to gleefully scream, ‘OMG, WTF are you playing?!’ I know I’ve done my job!” See previous live gig playlists here

Go for the mixed bag freeforall or pick a genre to suit your party/event/club: From Funk, Italo Disco, Post Punk to a killer Jungle Disco set.


East Village Radio February 20, 2005 – May 31, 2009


For more about his online show, Penetration, click here or scroll down to select news postings from the show’s page and see some eye-popping photos of cover art and guests, including Billie Ray Martin, Stephen Stephensen of GusGus, Christy Love and W. Jeremy of The House Of Stank, The Ones, Escandalo’s Viva Ruiz and Desi Santiago, Naommon, Gant Johnson & Nita of Tubway, DJ Will & Sean B. of Spank zine, Billy Beyond, Bll Coleman of Peace Bisquit, Craig Roseberry, Aldo Hernandez aka Load Rezenhand, and Adam Murry Kolberg of They Shoot Homos Don’t They magazine. Most recent guest photo’s also at the bottom of this page.)


Riders on the Storm – Annabel Lamb (A&M/US) 1983
In Lust – The Dance (Statik/France) 1981
Sighs – Psychobud (Ear Movie/US) 1984
The Chase – Fingerprintz (Stiff/US) 1981
Once Bitten – Annabel Lamb (A&M/US) 1983
Young Boys – Hawaiian Pups (Portrait/US) 1983
Insomnia in Zambia – Joy Rider (RCA/US) 1984
Get Off My Case – Comateens (Mercury/US) 1983
Wheels Over Indian Trails – Stanton Miranda (Thick Pigeon/Benelux) 1984
She Went Pop – Iam Siam (CBS/US) 1985
Make Some Noise – Jesse Saunders (white label) 1986
Cool Out – Magnum Force (Panda/US) 1984
Heavyhands (Pump it Up) – Heavyhands Band and the T.M. Orchestra (PolyGram/US) 1982
Give Up the Funk – B.T. Express (Calibre/France) 1980
Ready or Not – Herbie Hancock (Columbia/US) 1979
Gotta Get My Hands on Some (Money) – Fatback (ZYX/Germany)
I’ve Got the Dance Fever – Bohannon (Phase II/US) 1982
Anybody Wanna Party? – Gloria Gaynor (Polydor/US) 1978
Do Something – Goodie (Total Experience) 1982
Slippery People – The Staple Singers (Private/US) 1984
Gettin’ Base – Missy Mist (Pandisc/US) 1989
Frequency 7 – Visage (PolyGram/US) 1981
Get Ready – X–Ray Connection (Break/Belgium) 1983
Jet Boy Jet Girl – Elton Motello (Importe/12 /US) 1981
Come And Play With Me – Kama Sutra (Importe/12 /US) 1981
Tittle Tattle – Baricentro (Superdance/Italy) 1983
Set it Off – Harlequins Fours (Champion/UK) 1986
Eastern Palace – Risan (Saffron/UK) 1982
Sea Hunt – Patrick Cowley (Megatone/US) 1981
Feelin Love – Hott City (Butterfly/US) 1979
The Force – Nancy Nova (Hansa/Germany) 1981
Can’t Believe – Nancy Martin (RFC/US) 1982
How Long – Lipps, Inc. (Casablanca/US) 1980
Japanese Boy – Aneka (Handshake/US) 1981
For Your Love – Chilly (Polydor/Germany) 1978
Cocaine – Chi–Chi Favelas and the Black and White Band (Prism/US) 1978
Chase Me – ConFunkShun (Phonogram/US) 1979
Dancing is Dangerous – Noel (Virgin/US) 1979
I Strip You – Easy Going (Importe/12 /US) 1980
Devil’s Reception – Peter Griffith (Moby Dick/US) 1981
Fear – Easy Going (Importe/12 /US) 1980

3 EVR Shows
Soundcloud links to a few show to be added soon:
12.02.07: With Guest DJs The House Of Stank carrying the fuck on!
10.19.09: Post Punk, Disco, Electro, Acid, + a live studio kiki with The Ones!
09.28.08: Canadian Disco, Italo, Disco, Funk

February 20, 2005 – May 31, 2009
Penetration was “on the air” on from February 20, 2005 through May 31, 2009. Here follows the show’s description from the webpage:

Suffering from an acute, fiercely incurable, case of beat-induced ADD, I was committed–since the first show on February 20, 2005—to bringing music calculated to leave ’em gagging (in every sense) for more. Nothing was played “ironically” (yawn) and few shows were planned in advance, and I played an unpredictable, selection of tracks I love (for reasons which, admittedly may remain a mystery to some), but found plenty of like-minded listeners. Though I obviously worship at the crowded altar of Mauro Malavasi, Celso Vali, Claudio Simonetti, Giorgio Moroder, Gino Soccio, Cerrone, Denis Lepage, I also dropped loads of new releases, unreleased white labels, demos and mp3s. The show had various sponsors including Mel Cheren of West End Records, Tommy Boy Records, Via Della Pace/Via della Zoccolette restaurants, Dolphin Fitness Clubs.

Below Penetration, as featured in a BPM Magazine article on


PENETRATION Guest DJ Snapshots

05.24.09: They Shoot Homos Don’t They Magazine publisher Shannon Michael Cane

Shannon Michael Cane.jpg

04.12.09: Saint Buck (Desi Santiago & Jared Buckheister) |

Desi and Jared

04.05.09: DJ Severino of Horse Meat Disco (London) + W. Jeremy of The House of Stank:

Severino and W Jeremy 

Sample postings from the PENETRATION News blog on
I don’t have all the playlists, which were posted with every show, but these bits from the show’s News page should give you a good idea of what went on.

04-08-2007: TONIGHT! Guest DJ, singer Billie Ray Martin AGAIN!!!
Billie’s back for a proper DJ set. This after DJing at Mr. Black on Tuesday, performing at the eye-popping Russian megaclub, Rasputin in Brighton Beach (we’ll tell you all about it–I’m road manager for a night) and DJing and performing at Larry Tee’s party at the Bank on Sat. Tune in–or come by–and hang, anyway)

Tonight, Sunday, April 15 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., host Andy Reynolds welcomes the fab electro soul singer Billie Ray Martin to his weekly show, Penetration. Miss Martin will guest DJ, chat and give away copies of her cracking new single, “Undisco Me.” Billie took to Djing after the rave reaction she got spinning at her London club Komputerliebe and has been throwing down her own wicked mix of edgy electronic music, acid and classics to delighted electronic music connoisseurs ever since.


Most know her for the Junior Vasquez remix of her gorgeous 1995 club single, “Your Loving Arms,” but fans worship her for “Electribal Memories,” the brilliant 1990 album by her band Electribe 101 which contained the club singles, Talking With Myself” (mixed by Frankie Knuckles), “Tell Me When The Fever Ended” (mixed by Larry Heard) and “You’re Walking” (mixed by David Morales). Billie’s released music nonstop since, including the breathtakingly beautiful EP, “4 Ambient Tales,” the albums “Deadline For My Memories,” “18 Carat Garbage,” “Recycled Garbage,” and a series of recent singles on her own Disco Activisto label., 19 First Ave., 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Hear “Undisco Me” on and tune in, get the Penetration podcast, here, tonight. To hear some of Billie’s greatest, just listen to last week’s archive (link above) or podcast.

04-20-2007: Billie Ray Martin Undiscoed Me!
Last Sunday, April 15, smart, sassy songtress Billie Ray Martin doffed the diva drag to blow into EVR for a quick DJ set on Penetration. She rocked eletro, new and old along with mixes from her hot new spaced out club single, “Undisco Me,” which was single of the week on’s Update page (UK) and is quickly climbing Music Week’s “Cool Cuts” chart. Below is a photo of Billie contempating her next mix, whilst Naommon (whose singles I’ve been championing) hangs out in the EVR studio.


I’m guessing this was Billie about to pluck that Divine single single from her book, which, scarily enough, was a perfect mix into “Undisco Me.” We snarled “Divine!” at each other for the rest of the show! (D-d-d-d-d-DIVNE!) Anyway, tune in, get the podcast–as you always do, right?!–every Sunday for more surprizes, new stuff and retro/electro/disco madness. The weather’s great, so please come by, say hello, hang out. Who knows, I may have a cute promo or two on hand. Plus, I love company.

04-22-2007: JOY JOY JOY
Tonight you’ll hear “JOY” by Maki Nomiya (of Pizzicato Five), produced by Richard Cameron of Arling & Cameron. ( He’s also behind tracks by Fluffy Target and Cowgum in collaboration with Joost VanBellen [] Cowgum did the fab “Filthy & Raw” and are back with “Drugggss,” “Rollercoaster Rodeo” and “Too Fat To Function”) JOY is the name of a recent live stage extravaganza performed in Tokyo by Maki, for I believe 2 weeks. The show featured couture fashion, specially make shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti and a $1,000,000.00 brown diamond necklace by Kashikey. (Below.)

Work! The CD was part of the program on the show, which came in a special red mylar booklet, embossed with an line image of the iconic 1960’s lips couch, which you can see in this photo of Maki and Richard.

The back of the booklet is embossed with the words, “Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne,” which is a song by electro band, Suicide. If you’re out enjoying the weather, pop in. As I said, I love company.

04-30-2007: Hoodoo Voodoo: Disco Love In The Jungle
Check out last night’s show (click the red “here” link above) or your podcast, as it was a humid little set of disco ditties inspired by the dark continent. Load of while girls and foreign producers with their titties in an uproar as they dance to that jungle disco beat. Anyway, not exactly cheese-free (nor have I ever claimed to be, at least musically), so enjoy. Proudly featured in the show are tracks like “Hoodoo Voodoo” by the C.D. Band, “Love Attack” by Mandrill, “Jungle DJ” by Kikrokos, the fab “Savage Lover” by The Ring and an alltime camp fave, “Primitive Desire” by Eastbound Expressway. Below the “Jungle Drums” album by Wild Fantasy, a studio group which featured Geordi Gillespie who went on to become a member of Konk as well as music industry honcho. This is an album I bought for the cover art, but ended up digging as well.

05-04-2007: NAOMMON live East Village Dates
I’ve been spinning several songs from Naommon’s “Allnighter” album for the last couple months, such as the title track + “Anne L,” and “I’m A Woman.” Former guest, Billie Ray Martin is a huge fan, having met him at EVR and discovering he was the voice on several of her favorite International DJ Gigolo Records singles (“Good Sluts Factory,” Jack The Box.” “Allnighter” is only available on iTunes. New Penetration, Inc. client. Catch him before the press does! Email me for the guest list.


05-13-2007: Mixed Fag, er Bag
OK, I have a fat, juicy, thick, black (?!)…DJ CD book that I just put together. Gonna give it a trial twirl and see how it works, for me, you, and the sidewalk. Might throw on an old Liz Torres track, so below is a photo of the two of us together, just after we met in 1990 at a show she did in Cleveland. (I lived in Cincinnati at the time and was such a fan, I took a bus up to do the gig. Moved to NYC the next year.)

Liz Torres Andy Reynolds

06-03-2007: If It’s Not Fun Don’t Do It
These pearls of widsom can be found glistening just below the logo of Atlanta, GA’s legendary Funtone USA Records (, seen on the back of many a fabulously twisted records on this label durining it’s mid-Eighties heyday. And we’ll be keepin’ with that golden theme next week when Penetration welcome’s guest DJ Tennessee 
and Funtone USA’s archivist extraordinaire, Robert Coddington for a sick little show about Funtone and the people behind the label, including founder Dick Richards and photographer Nelson Sullivan. (More on Nelson and his films, showing this week in NYC, below.)

Funtone is best known for releasing albums and singles by RuPaul Andre Charles, Larry Tee, Larry’s Tee’s La Palace de Beauté and The Pop Tarts–all of whom have gone on to live the fabulous futures they were meant to live. FYI: The Pop Tarts now run the film and television production company, World Of Wonder–you’ve seen their movies, watched their TV shows, trust me. I believe they produced the new RuPaul movie, a remake of the gritty Funtone original, “Starbooty.” It premiered last night here in NYC. Pix, blog, etc. here: Here is the soundtrack album cover from the original, released in 1986:

RuPaul Star Booty

By sheer coincidence, two featurettes by Nelson Sullivan, the black-box videographer of 1980s New York, will be premiering alongside the movie ‘Starrbooty’, by Nelson’s close friend RuPaul, at NYC’s NewFest 2007 Film Festival, May 31 – June 10 2007. Nelson Sullivan and his video camera were an integral part of the subcultural playground that was New York in the 1980s. He had an almost preternatural ability to find and shoot the most interesting people.

When RuPaul’s long legs leapt off a bus from Atlanta in 1983, Nelson was there to shoot her first baby-Supermodel steps. Their lives intertwined throughout the 80s. RuPaul often camped out at Nelson’s home at 5 Ninth Avenue and was even there the night Nelson died.

Nelson passed away on The Fourth of July 1989, but his highly visceral work is just starting to live large. Nelson’s video archive (1,800+ hours of tape) chronicles the formative years of many influential underground icons who built, borrowed, forged and smoked the Downtown legend. Surrounded by posh clubs, seedy apartments, movie stars, rock ‘n roll, and their alter- egos, some of these budding icons blossomed (RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Lypsinka, Deee-lite) and others saw their careers end early and sadly (John Sex, Keith Haring, Leigh Bowery, Ethyl Eichelberger, Michael Alig).

Nelson Sullivan’s videos have been exhibited on television in Europe and in theatres, galleries and museums in Europe, South America and Australia; yet, Nelson Sullivan’s videos have seldom appeared in the United States. Today The Meat Market that Nelson called home is a hipster shopping district; the house where Nelson lived at 5 Ninth Avenue is a chichi restaurant; RuPaul is an international superstar debuting an exciting new movie. So it’s nice that young and old New Yorkers get a chance to travel back in time and experience a Downtown that used to be.

The two Nelson Sullivan videos premiering at NewFest are:

‘Nelson & Christina’ Wednesday 6 June 2007 (8:15 pm, AMC Loews 34th Street Theater)

Nelson accompanies mysterious, transgendered artist Christina – portrayed as a shock cameo in the movie ‘Party Monster’ by Marilyn Manson – from her apartment at the glorious Chelsea Hotel to the infamous Pyramid Club to see transsexual punk rocker Jayne County.

‘Amnesia at Gay Day’ Saturday 9 June 2007 (6:00 pm, AMC Loews 34th Street Theater)

Frocked-up and made-up by RuPaul, Nelson goes to NYC’s 1989 Gay Pride parade and encounters numerous notables along the way. Featuring: RuPaul, Larry Tee, George Wayne, Lahoma Van Zandt, David Dalrymple, Trade, Eric Conrad, Chicklet, David Spada and The Connie Girl.

06-17-2007: Ultimate, er Whatever
Another in a nail-biting series of random mixes, gonna start off with a track from a 1979 LP by the Ultimate. Truth be told, I bought it for the cover art, with the somewhat (gag) phallic text. Love over-the-top disco LP covers. Once you hear this track, you may agree that the cover art is the best thing going for it. Can’t recall if it’s cheese or not, but maybe it’s good cheese! And…we’re off. (Not like “off”–the cheese it a bit off, don’t you think, honey?–but off and running. Ish. Hot up in here, but the clothes stay on unless you got coins or 12″. Of vinyl, ya perv. He-he.

07-08-2007: Hot Mix/Hot Mess?
Another in a fine series of mix bag shows, though your guess is as good as mine as to what’s on this gay agenda. I can tell you that Paris-to-Harlem transplant Naommon will be popping by. I’ve been playing tracks from his album for months. More on him on

07-13-2007: Those pix I promised on the show last week
OK, as promised, here are the images I talked about on the show last Sunday. First, is Alisha and myself in, what?, 1986 in the DJ record shop where I was the buyer. I also programmed the lights in the biggest gay disco in town, PS, FYI, now ya know:


Below is the Step Sisters “Lucky Number” 12″. I love this record. Produced by Man Parrish. And also produced by Man Parrish was the b-boy electro album by Two Sisters. I’ll play some tracks from it next Sunday, the 15th. What’s up with the Sisters Manny? Step Sisters, Two Sisters. Girl!

And finally, below is the label for the legendary “Hip Hop (Bee Bop)” by Man Parrish. I played the other side, “Heatstroke” last week as well. Don’t leave this page without checking the fab video starring Downtown star Joey Arias, Manny and another fab friend. There’s a cute intro by Manny + the video for John Sex’s “Rock Your Body.”

Inspired by a forum thread on the Cybernetic Broadcasting website (, I was moved to do an entire show on the Canadian electrodisco group Lime.

I was a fan from the second my flamboyant, gorgeous, built like-a-mini-brick shithouse sophomore college roommate bought their “Your Love” album.

Though it was a hit on the radio in NYC and LA, in the MidWest Lime and other hi-NRG groups were only heard in gay bars, so we referred to hi-NRG as “bar music.” (Also hot at the time were Tantra, Patrick Cowley, Gino Soccio, Kelly Marie, The Flirts, Bohannon, Divine, Boystown Gang and Change.)

My roommate used to put “Your Love” on the stereo in our dorm, throw open the door and crank it up to full volume so he could hear it in the shower down the hall. Trumping this, he used to do the same with Divine’s “Native Love,” and Kelly Marie’s “Feels Like I’m in Love,” which, in my opinion is the gayest song ever recorded. He was that gay.

At this point, I’d never been to a gay club, so “Your Love” and the Lime, hi-NRG sound was totally alien to me. I was electrified. A few months later, he took me to a gay club about an hour out of town.

Though in Miamisburg, OH, the club had duplicated the Studio 54 system, with towers of speakers and suspended pillars of disco lights the moved up and down. The DJ and the music blew my mind. Songs “Let’s Start The Dance,” “Menergy,” “Passon” and of course, “Your Love” set that place on fire. To be there on the floor, hearing “Your Love” as well as “You’re My Magician” (my favorite) at full volume gave me chills.

I remained a fan throught Lime 2 and even 3 and then sort of lost track aside from seeing an new single pop up in the 12″ DJ shop I managed in the mid-late 80s. Then in 2002, I saw a Lime single “No Other Love (I Need It Bad)” charted on the venerable For The Record pool chart here in NYC.

Tuned out there was a new album, “Love Fury” and then sort of lost track aside from seeing an new single pop up in the 12″ DJ shop I managed in the mid-late 80s. Then in 2002, I saw a Lime single “No Other Love (I Need It Bad)” charted on the venerable For The Record pool chart here in NYC. Tuned out there was a new album, “Love Fury,” and with a little nipple twisting I convinced Unidisc to let me work it to press in the US. We did a very limited mailing and got a few nice reviews. My goal was, basically, to let Lime fans know there was a new album.

How was the album? Um, very Lime. It was basically a collection of production done by Denis LePage and the Unidisc studio crew, which included Allan Coelho and George Cucuzzela. Some of the tracks are pretty epic, some were pretty lame. Nether LePage or Cucuzzela would speak to me–by phone or email about the project, which was weird and disappointing, considering their history and great contribution to the legendary, formidable, ballsy Canadian disco sound.

In then end, as the label could not pay my full fee, I settled for CDs in trade and scored all 8 Lime albums on CD as well as all the Gino Soccio and Patrick Cowley albums on CD.

In pouring over the albums I discovered at plenty to like on each album, though, it became tougher to mine that gem with each album.

Obviously, with 8 albums and an only 2 hour show, it’ll be personal favorites which get played. Aside from my #1 favorite, “Youre My Magician,” and close second, “Your Love,” others are the cinematic “Agent 406” (fans of Katamdu’s “The Break” will recognize the distinctive Denis Lepage sound), the sweeping “Unexpeted Lovers” and rocking “Gold Digger” and, of course, all the techy-disco tracks like “Angel Eyes” (I may drop an edit Adam Goldstone did on this, the instrumental of which enjoyed a nice resurrection several years ago at the hands of more adventurous [bored?] DJs), “Wake Dream,” “Do Your Time On The Planet,” “On The Grid,” “Rendez-vouz on the Dark Side of the Moon,” and a few rather sweet ditties like “Irresistible Woman,” “Take My Heart Away,” and “The Party’s Over.”

And there was sweetness at the heart of the Lime sound. It was the married team of Denis (music) and Denyse Lepage that created this disco legacy. And it was the fusing of Denis’s techy, sci-fi, almost metalic production up against Denyse’s–and sometimes Denis’s–distinctive, quirky, vocals that made their sound click and stick. At least for much of the early 80s. See Denis and Denyse sing in the video for “Baby We’re Gonna Love Tonight”:

That’s Denyse on the first/”Your Love” album cover. In my email interview, I forgot to ask her what the concept was (or what were they thinking) when it came to the cover. But, duh, “Lime.” She’s holding (caressing?) a lime and wearing green clothing. So they probably just decided to have fun with it and went for it. At the time, I remember thinking the cover was kinda hot. That was also before much video and certainly before the internet, so actually seeing these artists, however presented, was exciting.


Denyse Savaria Le Page Lime

I contacted Denyse, thanks to Dario’s Lime page. Asked her some general questions about Lime. This is her response. (Thanks Denyse!):

Haven’t been with Denis for years and since “Love Fury,” which I had nothing to do with, I haven’ been earning a living with music for many years now. Denis has continued.

We wrote some great hits together in the eighties because I believe we didnt have the pressure of having to write hit records. Being signed with a record company and feeling obliged is not in t he best interest of any artist.

I am still in contact with the record company but as friends only. We were a wonderful group and we were all very lucky it happened worldwide. We all worked very hard also. I was ready to continue touring for promotion and even to have live shows but Denis being a a graduate from the Quebec Music Conservatory didn’t feel too keen on touring disco’s lipsing. He felt degraded unfortunately. I loved it so he signed an agreement with Unidisc to allow them to use another girl and boy to represent us.

LIme Models

I found out only many months later that this agreement had been done. Even if I wanted to represent Lime now, people would probably think that I am the fake Lime hehe.

All this to say it’s nice to hear from fans after so many years and yes I believe Denis and I wrote some good songs which are still aired all over the world and i will always be proud of it. I am still in contact with most of the people we worked with in those days and who knows I might come out with something eventually.

Our daughter is 25 years old now her name is Claudine and she organizes raves with underground music. She turned me on to Tycho, Ticon, Street Art and if ever I do come out with something it would be within these fields of sounds. I love it!

What I listen to most and always have, is Jazz. Denis turned me on to Jazz when I was about 15 years old and I learned alot from him. Eventually I went to University to study music also and We spent most of our lives in recording studios before we began writing our own material which was quite fruitfull I must say hehe.

I have friends that go to New York often and they tell me about the airplay and also about live shows with the Group Lime. These people must be making more money than I do lol. Good for them!

I also contacted the Canadian artist, Sam Montesano, behind all those great Lime album covers. I thought they were hot and perfectly suited the music at the time. I also asked him a few general questions about doing these covers. Here’s what he wrote back:

HI Andy,

Thanks for your interest.

Basically, the first cover came about because the client didn’t want to use a picture of the actual band on the cover and was looking for a stylized provocative feel.We started out with a graphic style which gradually evolved into a more realistic look with each successive cover.

I provided the initial sketches and then the client would give his input before I would start on the finished painting.

In the case of Caroline and Love Fury the client provided some photo reference andthen I worked from there.

My favorite cover is Caroline which almost resembles a Vargas illustration, but is more contemporary.

Love Fury is one of the largest illustrations for a cover I have done to date because the client wanted to have it framed and displayed at the studio. The full size, which includes the front and back,is nearly six feet long and four feet high and took nearly a month to complete.

Cheers, Sam

— Another note from Denyse:

Nice I had no idea these things were going on as to Lime. It makes me happy to know we still have fans out there who remember us 🙂 Your slide show is very nice and yes I met Sam Montesano a couple of years ago at a friend’s recording studio. I had never met him before. Always a pleasure! For so many years agaon (1982) those album covers were ahead of their times. We had some great people working with us! – Denyse

Thanks for listening. Please let me know what you thought of the show, Lime, etc. Finally, a few good Lime links:

I’m outta town for my next two shows. Guest DJs TBA!

07-28-2007: Sunday: Guest DJ Gant Gets Zhoozhy
While this cat’s away, the house will play as my guest DJ Gant Johnson rocks the fucking house with his legedary zhoozhy beats. Famous for his weekly Sunday night Tubway party at Mr. Black (with DJ Nita), he’s DJed around the world and can always be counted on to turn it like no other. Dancin’, prancin’, movin’ got you groovin’…you get the picture. Actually, here’s the picture (s): DJ Gant Jonson (ain’t he cute?)
, the Tubway flyer and DJ partner, Nita Aviance.

More on Gant, Tubway, and Tubway DJ partner, Nita:”””

Another guest DJ next week, then I’m back to resume fingering, 5″, 7″ even 12″ of disco love for your rears/ears. – Andy

08-01-2007: Guest DJ: Dirty Jean this Sunday!
Gleefully I post that my guest DJ for this Sunday’s show is the fab n filthy (in all the right ways), DJ Dirty Jean. We met when I scaled the DJ booth to find out what she was spinning at one of Jill Herman’s smart Intervention parties at Sapphire. Known to East Village listeners for her Cazzo Pazzo radio show (’04 – ’05), Dirty Jean has been keeping herself busy off the airwaves, running with The Crucial Getdown and gearing up for a new residency at Shelter in the fall. Preview a bit of her Frisky Whiskey: So, here she is!

Dirty Jean

08-14-2007: The big picture
Added a new show photo, thanks to an angel who flew in from Vancouver. Here’s the full shot.

Andy by Martine

08-26-2007: Who Have…Sylvester + More New FindsSylvesterStarsInner-300.jpg09-02-2007: Gino Soccio 101
I’m gagging. Gagging because it’s dawned on me in the last few months how many people, not just people, but music people–and not just music people, music producers who should know–in fact I’m gagging. Gagging because it’s dawned on me in the last few months how many people, not just people, but music people–and not just music people, music producers who should know–in fact don’t know who Gino Soccio is. (I know, I can’t believe it, either.) So tonight is “Gino Soccio 101.” From dazzling early productions like “War Dance,” (as Kebeklektrik) to hit solo productions like “Dancer,” “Try It Out,” and “It’s Alright,” to very cool (even now), atmospheric productions like “There’s A Woman” and “Rhythm Of The Word,” Soccio’s genius is in clear evidence. I, for one, am a major fan. Tune in, check the archive or grab the podcast for more about Gino Soccio. Nice discography on the trainspotter godsend, Meanwhile, here is THE MAN!:


Or Sinnamon again. Finally dug up the fierce “Thanks To You,” and based a set around it. Ish. Also brought along the other singles, “Thin Line” and “He’s Gonna Take You Home (to His Or Sinnamon again. Finally dug up the fierce “Thanks To You,” and based a set around it. Ish. Also brought along the other singles, “Thin Line” and “He’s Gonna Take You Home (to His House),” which I played a couple weeks ago. Anyway, watch out for the “Thin Line” dub.


Fierce! Also in the bag, some Chicago house, few italo thangs, Slingshot’s “Do It Again.” Let’ see what happens. If you were in town and didn’t go to BLOWOFF last night at the Highline Ballroom, you missed a great party. Back Dec. 8 for another one. More at

09-17-2007: Hot Buttered Boogie
Sunday’s show (9/16/07) kicked off with “Hot Buttered Boogie” by the smoking Tasha Thomas. She rose to fame in the original Broadway cast of “The Wiz,” sang jingles for Pepsi and others and backed up everyone from Kiss to Diana Ross, BB King and Stevie Wonder. I found her “Midnight Rendezvous” LP used and snapped it up for “Shoot Me,” which I loved back in 1978, but discovered “Hot Buttered Boogie,” here and play it whenever I can. Soulful, saucy disco by a true talent and not some manufactured pop puppet. Check the rest of the show for more of the same, at least in the first half–Mary Wells (and in the Sixties star doing her disco thang on “Gigolo”) plus Shamana’s house cover of “Fever” and the pumping “I’m Attracted To You” by Cookie Watkins, for which I live. Mwah!


09-30-2007: If Yer Passin’ by
…pop your head in and say hello. First Ave between 1 & 2 streets on the West Side. And speaking of…the beloved Passerby is closing. I DJed from time to time at this hot bar owned by art gallery don Gavin Brown, the spot was THE spot where artists and underground fashion people gleefully collided in a spray of cocktails, cloud of smoke and dusting of…

Passerby used this quote from this photo I shot while, um, in the bathroom during a DJ gig.

09-30-2007; EVR Fan Turns it Out to Hott City
This new EVR fan gleefully tore it up to Hott City’s very cool, tracky 1979 B-side “Feelin’ Love” during tonight’s show. (I was doing the same in the studio and we both were clapping to the beat.) Bet this handsome, sweet guy was something back in the day. Made me wonder about what his life was like, is like. Was a nice moment.


10-07-2007: OK, Shoot It In My Face
Penetration welcomes the fierce editors of They Shoot Homos Don’t They?, the “international homo art almanac for men and their admirers.” Contributing Editor Adam Murry Kolberg (far right below) will definitely be here and, if he can manage to swing his very busy sexy stuff by EVR, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Shannon Michael (center) will also be here. For those who don’t know TSHDT, it is one of, if not thefinest homo mag on the planet, executed with loads of love, wit, and a virtually (literally?) anal attention to detail. Printed on heavy glossy stock, the magazine rivals any top lifestyle (forgive the douchey industry term) magazine on the racks. It’s brilliant and I for one, am a huge fan. Each issue of TSHDT comes with a killer “Music Compendium” CD and you’ll be hearing tracks from it on the show: Glass Candy covering Belle Epoque’s “Miss Broadway,” Khan’s “Strip Down,” and The Presets “Truth And Lies” among them. I’m also bringing along an arsenal of favorites that will hopefully get a rise out of you and the boys.


…and we had a great time (even though TSHDT papa Shannon couldn’t make it down), as you can hear on the archive or podcast. Um, aside from one little glitch with the mic about halfway through. Adam was a charming guest–even with the creepy Jocelyn Wildenstein mask. Here are some pix from tonight:


10-14-2007: Not That I Need To Bribe Visitors, but Free T-SHIRT TONIGHT!
A more clueless wonder there’ll never be: I have NO idea what I’ll be playing tonight, but will do my best to keep it interesting. If you’re in the hood, swing your stuff by EVR at 21 First Ave. and pick up your free (lavender) L EVR T. You’ve seen them in various colors all over the neighborhood so now’s your chance. Besides we need more EVRbots out there in our Ts to balance out all the CBGBs Ts being worn so proudly by douchebags who never even set foot in the place. Just asking: Does anyone make a “Fuck NYU” T? Let me know, I want one! A T all true East Villagers should own and wear when that EVR T’s in the wash.


10-21-2007: Musical Roughage tonight….
whatever that means. (Popped into my head after a nap.) It’s 5:30 and I’m grabbing 3″ of vinyl and hittin’ the door. Also, Penetration, Inc. is now doing PR for EVR. Check out EVR on Lots of cool pix of the station there.

10-28-2007: Taking you Straight To Hell with Readers Wifes
Tune into Penetration on tonight for a collision of favorites. Billy Miller, publisher of S.T.H. (Straight To Hello: The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts) is popping by and I just got the brilliant new album, Gaslight, from UK quartet Readers Wifes. I’ve been licking the ink (etc) of the pages of STH for years and a couple years ago discovered the genius of Readers Wifes via a remix CD from The Most (Princess Julia & Luke Howard). Their remixes of No Bra’s “Munchausen” and Readers Wifes’ “Nostalgia” fit my tastes in new tracks to a T, so will be dripping (sorry, typo) dropping tracks from “Gaslight” interspersed with favorite tracks by The Most as well as various new/old nuggest: try to guess which is which. And if you’re listing during show, come down and get this goddamned violet EastVillageRadio T-shirt, already!. X- Andy

11-04-2007: Hello to Evy Lenton
Opening the show with a big hello to Evy Lenton, lead singer and songwriter for the fab disco group, Belle Epoque. If you’ve never heard their hit, “Miss Broadway,” you havent’ lived. And hit Opening the show with a big hello to Evy Lenton, lead singer and songwriter for the fab disco group, Belle Epoque. If you’ve never heard their hit, “Miss Broadway,” you havent’ lived. And hit youtube for the video of Evy and her girls giving it to you in the video for “Bamalama” (for which I’m now searching madly.) More on her myspace page: Also tonight, I’m spinning a warp speed ditty by Ladies Choice. Sounds close to, but it’s not a Mauro Malavasi production. However, inspired by this Ladies Choice find, I’m happily tossing on a few (too many?) Peter Jacques Band tracks, which were co-produced by the untouchable Malavasi. More here:

11-30-2007: House Of Stank: We Came To Jack
Special guest DJs this Sunday, December 2, are Christy Love and W. Jeremy, collectively know as the lovely, House of Stank. I met them an one of DJ Will’s hot loft parties a couple years ago, when Miss Love pressed one of their cute acid green House Of Stank buttons into my sweaty palm. I got to known them better thanks to their love for a Penetration PR client, the one and only DJ Pierre (who just finished his new album). The House of Stank is now tight with Pierre, having had Pierre, Green Velvet and other House legends DJ their bumping House Of Stank parties at NYC’s Mr. Black. The dirty beat duo recently hopped a jet to Chicago where they remixed DJ M-TRAXXX “House Thunda” out now on DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid Digital label. That’s the House of Stank below (Christy’s on the left–hehe). The House Of Stank know house. Real house. Jackin’ shit. Get to know ’em at and most of all tune in!

12-09-2007: Supermax: Home At Last
Finally nailed my first Supemax album. There must be some right of passage ceremony associated with this for rock-disco fiends like myself, but I’ll save the robot circle-jerk for another time. For those who don’t know Supermax, the band (center image below) was founded by Austrian rock musician Kurt Hauenstein in 1977. What I love about Supermax is that it is a band. Real band. Band band. That did disco. Kurt’s a total rock god, giving you rock hair and loads of leather accoutrements. (Must not have been a dry seat in the house after their shows.) The Supermax sound–with the balls of rock, but rhythm of disco–spins nicely up next to records by Chilly, Belle Epoque, The Bombers (who covered “Dance, Dance, Dance” and “Supermax” on their first album), and Cerrone’s darker stuff. Supermax are most known–and worshipped–for their massive European hit, “Lovemachine” from their (second) “World Of Today” album, released in 1978 (small images below). (Remixes of “Lovemachine” were released last year. I’ll drop the GusGus remix at some point in the show.) The album I have (below) music be an unofficial release, as it is untitled and contains tracks from the first two Supermax albums, the first being “Don’t Stop The Music” and twisted, trippy artwork. More about Supermax at See videos for “Lovemachine,” “It Ain’t Easy” and “Number One In My Heart” on youtube.


01-06-2008: 2008: Adventures in Success
Kicking of the new year with cuts from the 1983 Island Records album “Dancing For Mental Health” by Will Powers to setcha up right for 2008. Smile. I know it’s New York, but it won’t kill ya. Just Kicking of the new year with cuts from the 1983 Island Records album “Dancing For Mental Health” by Will Powers to setcha up right for 2008. Smile. I know it’s New York, but it won’t kill ya. Just set it off with something black and shades. They’ll think you’re a nutjob, but what the hell, you sure ain’t alone! X

01-20-2008: Irma Casa di Primordine
Featuring Irma Records, tonight. Named after the madame of the whore house that was in their building during WWII, Irma was Italy’s classiest house label in the early 90’s. They just released a compilation of their sweet house tracks from that period. I’ll drop a bunch of ’em plus a few zingers. More on irma at Oh, and yesterday The Ones shot the video for their next single, “When We Get Together.” Loads of downtown celebs + a few real ones like Debbie Harry, the legendary model Pat Cleveland and her model daughter, seen here checking pix with The Ones’ Paul Alexander:


02-03-2008: Guest mix by President Bongo of GusGus!
Stephen Stephenson aka President Bongo of the brilliant, lovely, sunny Icelandic band, GusGus was going to be on the show tonight, but is flying back to his little island while you read this. So, at lunch yesterday, with his wife, Linda, who designs all their packaging–including the hot green recent album, “Forever”–he gave me an hour mix. It apparently starts of with a remix of a Rufus Wainwright track by a mutual favorite, Carl Craig. Tune in!


02-17-2008: Next Sunday (2/24) Craig Roseberry of KID Recordings
OK, I’ll give you the hype, but in a nutshell, Mr. Roseberry know how to tho down. From blissed-out nut-feathering mellowness to cokelectro sets that’ll show the hipturds how it’s done. Tune in for what’s sure to be a popping set studded with new tracks from both Craig’s “Moods: You, The Night & The Music” compilation (out on Backdrop Feb 19) and from his new label, KID (“Keep It Deep”) Recordings (distributed by Obliq Sound). Also in the mix will be new tracks from forthcoming KID albums by Vanessa Daou, Soft Complex, Rob Rives, Findo Gask, Sam Ong and Kudu. Craig is all up in the industry, from managing a variety of artists including Yoko Ono, Richard Morel and the brilliant Kudu (don’t even tell me you know know them by now), to providing music for all the Kiehl’s shops, to, of course DJing, as you will surely hear.

Meanwhile, tonight a few new finds will get their due, like “Sound of The Crowd” extended mix by Human League and “”Feel Me Now” by Blancmange, two records that still sound cool. Also picked up a fave Tiga 12″, “Pleasure From The Bass,” which I love because I love m’bass as well as the genius acidic mix. Tune in for Craig next week!

03-02-2008: Last week on Penetration:
If you heard all the cutting up during last week’s show, here’s the culprit, Mr. Craig Roseberry, in action. More about him in the previous news bit. That’s Rob DiStefano of Twisted Records with him in the one shot.


03-02-2008: Flawless, Like No Other
The Ones said it–and they will be heavily featured on next Sunday’s show, as their album is out this Tuesday and there are parties all over town the week of March 9 – March 14 (check their myspace page for details:–but this week I’m talking about The Peter Jacques Band. I’ve paid due homage to this ultimate of disco groups before on the show, but just found another 12″, “One Two Three (Counting On Love),” so am back to kick off the show with a bit more. BUT, what I’m really after is the album from which this single came, “Welcome Back.” The cover is the epitome of disco glamour, and I want it. If anyone has a mint copy of this album, get in touch!:


03-16-2008: Billie Ray Martin as “The Opiates” + Feral
Below, Billie Ray Martin performing as half of the duo, The Opiates songs from their EP Anatomy of a Plastic Girl.:


Possible guest, visual artist Caron Geary aka Feral (formerly Cantankerous). She may pop by. Was in NYC for serveral shows, including PS1. More on her myspace page


03-29-2008: Homoroder

Just picked up this 1976 Giorgio Moroder album, “Knights In White Satin.” How gay is this? (And I mean homo, not “gay” in that douchey single-digit IQ tween dudespeak way.) That title, and the boys in um, white satin, gazing adoringly at the daddy of electro-disco. Too much! I bought it for the cover as much as for the killer production. Also tonight is another find, Kongas (Cerrrone) “Tatoo Woman” and “Dr. Doo Dah.” There’s a cover of “Gimme Gimme Some Lovin'” on the A-Side, but it’s shockingly bad. May spin it for the fuck of it, so you’ve been warned. Now take a look at the back cover”

And yes, that was me with The Ones on Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab” this week. We think it’s episode 17 if you’re curious. Will try to put it up on YouTube as long as my vain as doesn’t get busted for it.:

Cash Cab.png

04-20-2008: Ce Soir: Le Retour de la Maison du Stank
4/20 (Hello) marks the return of the illustrious House of Stank to the glittering East Village Radio studios. The DJ and producer duo made up of Christy Love and W. Jeremy were last here on December 2 and it was a hoot. (If you click Archive 4, above, you can hear that show.) They’ll be spinning their next release via DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid Digital label and bringing all y’all up to date on their banging House of Stank parties (chez Mr. Black), which have featured guest spots by DJ Pierre, Green Velvet , Ron Carrol. The House Of Stank know house. Real house. Jackin’ shit. Get to know ’em at and most of all tune in! Meanwhile, tonight, I’ll be swinging a bag a new tracks, with, of course, the usual odd (really odd) disco favorite.


04-27-2008: So Right It’s Rong
New stuff from Rong Records tonight. More about ’em at Pix below of The House of Stank live on last week’s show:


05-04-2008: 4:52 of Heaven
Finally stumbled across an old, to date unowned, favorite, 1000 Ohm’s “You’re The One.” Very disco, but 1988 production, brilliant Belgian pressing. When I first heard this I thought it was an Animotion single that I missed the fist time ’round, though I vaguely recall the cover from when it was new and I worked in a record shop. Love it, even though it’s a bit short: you just want more of it. According to there is a longer “Hit House Aceeed Remix” on the maxi-CD, so I’m sorta twitching about that. So, I’ll spin this repeatedly throughout the show tonight in all it’s derivative splendor.


Designer Gareth Pugh outfit (in today’s NYTimes) vs. Vera’s “Joey” album cover outfit–25 years ago:


Speaking of fashion, Vice Magazine’s Global Trend Report(s) in their “Fashion Issue 2008” = sharp! (I know, I couldn’t believe it , either.)

05-11-2008: Me Set With Presets
Thanks to Celeste at Modular for sending over the new Presets album, “Apocaplyso.”

Presets Apocolypto.jpg

Sounded great smashed up against everything from an odd Shock single, “Dynamo Beat” and it’s cool B-side “Dream Games” (Blitzy video’s are on youtube), hot new tracks from Italy (Supabeatz, Alex Visconti), the near classic Larry Tee remix of Dutch track “Filthy & Raw” by Cowgum and a new remix of The Ones glam new single, “When We Get Together.” If you’ve not seen the glitterbomb that is their new video, look it up on youtube. Gor-JUSS!

05-18-2008: Waiting for the Men…
..behind the Escandalo track, “La Bruja,”–DJ Will Lynn and Bryan Wright–to come by and drop off a copy of the track. Deitch Projects are in love with this fierce performance art group. Lead by Desi Santiago (formerly know in the Limelight days as Desi Monster), they apparently put on a jaw-dropping performance at the gallery space in Brooklyn last Saturday. Check their for more. And I finally nailed the “Welcome Back” album by the Peter Jacques Band (scroll down for the disco fashion riot cover in a previous news post), so tune in!

05-25-2008: Force Feeding
Leaving the door wide open (swing by!) and kicking off the summer with more random wantonness, including a return of Nancy Noval’s “The Force”:


06-22-2008: The Ones live on Penetration TONIGHT!

The Ones.png
Yes, the fierceness known as The Ones will be here tonight live in the studio chatting, playing cuts from the new album, “NYC Jungle,” and dropping some of their favorite tunes. Tune in or pop by if you’re in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, take a look at their glam video for the current single, “When We Get Together,” featuring guest spots by the Scissor Sisters, Casey Spooner, Cazwell, Debbie Harry and the legendary model, Pat Cleveland. Go to youtube and search via the song title.

06-23-2008: The Ones on Penetration: A Good Kiki

The Ones Kiki EVR.png
Above are Paul Alexander, JoJo Americo, and Nashom of The Ones. Also in the studio was DJ Tennessee adding his usual witty repartee to the lively kiki that was The Ones appearance on Penetration. Listen to the archive or get the podcast (links above) and check the playlist way down at the bottom of this page. We had a ball, as you can plainly tell by listening. – Andy

07-07-2008: Deitch Projects Stars Escanadalo on Penetration!

Photo: Desi Santiago of Escandalo. Photo by Nicolas Wagner.

Tune into Penetration this Sunday, July 13 for an evening with Deitch Projects performance artist, Escandalo. They will be inviting everyone to the July 19 world premiere screening of their music video for “La Bruja” “The Witch”) directed by Bec Stupak of Honeygun Labs, which will be accompanied by a performance from the legendary House of Xtravaganza at Deitch Projects Studios (LIC). Escandalo is a NYC based performance dance group begun by artists Desi Santiago and Viva Ruiz (aka Propecia Destiny Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers) who have been involved in NYC nightlife and the artworld since the early Nineties in various capacities and guises. They joined forces with producers Automagic stirring together garage house, freestyle, disco and gothic influences to create their dark n lovely track, “La Bruja.” Imaging a witches coven on the Sound Factory dancefloor and you’ll get the aural picture. Ovah! We’ll chat, spin favorite records (from Chris & Cosey to salsa to…) and have a good kiki. See more, hear “La Bruja” at

07-14-2008: Escandalo last night on EVR: Pix
Below, Escandalo’s Viva Ruiz and Desi Santiago on Penetration. Also in the house was Automagic (DJ Will and Brian Wright)–who produced their fierce track, “La Bruja”–and The House of Stank (who are doing a remix), represented by W. Jeremy (shout out to partner Christie Love), who popped in working a freshly inked blue chrysanthemum. We got a buttload of phone calls, but it was all too glamorous for me to stop, read the manual, and try to patch ’em into the board. Not to worry: Once the video’s on youtube, the gang will be back and we’ll put callers like Billie Beyond, Theo Kogan, various Dazzle Dancers and some crazy queen in the mix. Meanwhile, come to the “La Bruja” video release party July 19 at Deitch Studios (4-40 44th Drive, LIC) where the video will be followed by a performance by the legendary House of Xtravaganza. More fierceness:


07-21-2008: This Suday, July 27: Billy Beyond!
Set your podcast for next week’s guest, NYC artist, model (both genders), make-up artist, and DJ, Billy Beyond. He’s skidding in to drop a stack of twisted disco love and talk up his new project Beads On Nude Illusion. This trio has been performing “re-imagined songs with original flair” often appearing in shocking costumes that include Native American make-ups and historic references to early America. Their first video will channel the legendary fashion illustrator, Antonio whose work is pictured below, making it definitely something to anticipate! Also belo, BONI members Billy Beyond, Gina Tay (on the Juno 106) and Meniscus Tock (on incidental percussion and bass).


P.S. Last night’s Escandalo video premier at Deitch Studios was hot and the following House of Xtravaganza runway performance was OVAH!

08-02-2008: Billy Beyond on last week’s show:
Mister Thing took to radio like a goddamned MC! We had a blast, thanks to all who phoned in!


08-02-2008: DJ Will & Sean B Guest DJs This Sunday!
As I’ve jetted off to glamorous Dayton, OH for 10 days, Penetration this week will be hosted by two of my favorites, DJ Will & Sean B from the roving monthly party and ArtFag Zine, SPANK! Will thinks he knows how to work the phone thing to put callers on the air, so phone in and work these boys nerves. I am! 212-254-7104. Below: DJ Will & Sean B.


09-14-2008: Guest DJ: The Legendary Aldo Hernandez! Call in 212-254-7104.

aldo abstract

If you don’t know Aldo Hernandez by now, you should. Period. He’s been a fixture on many scenes from LA where he curated shows starring freaks like Lydia Lunch, to playing keyboards in punk bands to NYC, where in the early 90s he DJed the Clit Club and nasty Meat party in the Jackie 60 space, worked at MoMa, produced music for performance artist and dancer Julie Tolentino and eventually every (worthwhile) hot club in town, including The Lure, Twilo, and Crow Bar. In 1995 Aldo opened the best DJ shop in town, Throb which held forth on 14th Street for nine years, providing the best edited selection of new vinyl and CDs in the city. He produced music and mixes for everyone from Mac Cosmetics, Diamanda Galas (with whom he continues to work), Moloko and often remixes and DJs under the anagram, Load Rezenhand. Catch Aldo every Thursday when he DJs Sound Bytes at Nowhere Bar on 14th Street between 2nd & 3rd Aves. The man’s fierce, so tune in–and call in during the show: 212-254-7104.

09-21-2008: Diverse Disco Ditties
in other words, back to basics. Oh, and fans of Cybernetic Broadcasting System, rejoice, they’re back under a new name ( and beta-testing, but sounds great to me. IFM_Logo

09-28-2008: New Finds to Finger To
Packing a few new 12″ this week, including the rare “Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey” single (killer dub) by Modern Romance 12″, the Italo-electro cover of “Tequila” by Bo Boss and the act-a-fool infectious, “I Wanna Dance” by Katmandu. Oh, and of course the Martin Circus album, with the nutty cover, below.

10-12-2008: Tonight: Dan’s DJ Lesson
Bicoastal buddy Dan McCarry’s in the house. He wants to learn how to DJ. Why he’s asking me, is a mystery–and shall likely remain even moreso after tonight’s show–but there you have it. Should explain things, a bit. As always, if you’re in the hood, swing by and say hello!

10-26-2008: Dan The Man: A Guest!
For those who’ve yet to pop by during the show, here’s what a guest looks like, FYI! This is Dan, modeling the cover of Latin Lover’s “Laser Light.”:

Dan Latin Lover.png

11-09-2008: Do You Love What You Feel?
Is not only one of tonight’s tracks, but also the question. EVR’s bumping up its programming, putting shows and hosts under scrutiny and basically fine-tuning to take our asses to the next level. (i.e. you can now hear EVR on iTunes radio, just go to the “Eclectic” menu and look for us.) So, please email any comments on the show, what you like, tech issues, what guests you’d like to see on, etc. over asap. The Nasty special with my buddy Dan has been bumped back, as I’m going to try to get Sweet Pussy Pauline to call in regarding her filthy house tale, “Hateful Head Helen” and would like to promote a bit. Meanwhile in the mix tonight is a quirky fave, perhaps a preview of a show I’ll call “Oddscurities,” Stanton Miranda’s “Wheels Over Indian Trails.” Cover art is below. Link to the video is here:

Stanton Miranda.png

11-23-2008: Not a Turkey in the Bunch
Though that’s my opinion. 😉 A mixed bag show again, which seem to work out to be the most fun for me and hopefully for you. Let me know what you think. Really, I need feedback for the EVR office, as they’re scrutinizing the shows, tightening things up. Rest assured, Penetration will remain, fun, loose and sweaty. Covers of four records in my bag for tonight are below. Thanks for listening! – Andy

November Group EVR

12-07-2008: OMG! A Buttload of 2008 Tracks!
Yup, after a sabotaged attempt to start off with what could be a new camp classic (Mary Jane Girls “All Night Long” 45 played at 33 -6 (thus, the Mary Jane Boys, and hilarious), the show ended up being a pretty slick (no?) mix of mostly new, even promo tracks. A fave is Aeroplane (below) featuring Sally Shapiro’s “Whispers,” discovered on the bonus CD that came with the first 1000 issues of the new They Shoot Homos Don’t They Magazine. Enjoy! – Andy


12-14-2008: Mary Jane Boys
OK, one mo’ time, gonna try to get the Mary Jane Boys up on the turntable. I may be the only one, but I think “All Night Long”–a UK 45–at 33 -6 or so–is He-Larry-ious. Let me know if you do, too. Where we go after this, is a mystery. Here are the Mary Jane Girls w/producer Rick James, nice ‘n’ trashy:

Mary Jane Girls

Also, I am finally DJing out. Saturday, December 27 from 10 – 4, I’ll be at Uncle Mings, 225 Avenue B (between 13th St & 14th St). All vinyl. Come by, it’ll be a fun hang. More info here when I have it. – A

12-16-2008: Guest DJs Sunday 12/21: Tubway DJs GANT JOHNSON & NITA
Hey y’all the dynamic Downtown duo DJs Gant Johnson & Nita are back to cover my ass (takes 2), while I’m off in glamorous Dayton, OH. Gant and Nita DJ their award-winning Tubway party every Saturday at the popping Mr. Black (251 W. 30th between 7th & 8th Aves.). And they don’t just DJ, they tho’ down, often simultaneously rocking 3 or 4 Pioneer CDJ-1000s. Mkay? Guest DJ’s warm up from 10:00 to 1:00, after which these two bring all night long (‘til 6:00a.m.).

Nita and Dan

Tubway has recently won these awards: “Best Gay Party” – PAPER Magazine, November 2008; “Best DJ” (Nita) – Glammy Awards, December 2008, “Best Bar or Nightclub Night” – Glammy Awards, December 2008. You can also catch Gant every Tuesday night at Eastern Bloc (505 E. between A and B) playing funky fresh videos & music!

01-04-2009: Johnny Are You Grace Jones
Or whatever. Another mixed bag show, but with a bit more of a zhoozh than last week’s, since playing the records as they came out of the rack–out out of my bag–was a an idea that sounded cuter than it, er, sounded. Four of the pix for tonight:

Grace Jellybean DG Josie Cotton

01-11-2009: Pravda: It’s French! And New! + The Usual Sickness
During tonight’s show I’ll be playing and screening videos of 5 songs by hot Parisian rock band, Pravda (“A.B.C. of L.O.V.E.,” “Body Addict,” “1,2,3,4, Rock!,” “Tu Es A L’Ouest,” and “People Unite.”) Trust, this is a band you want to know. Listeners, see what your missing on their myspace page: Your first look:


Pravda will be in the mix with a few other favorites, inspired by the band’s love for black

SSQ& white: And finally, tossed in the mix (gotta keep with the sickness!), are these two gems, which I picked up yesterday at A1 on 6th Street: Barbara Markay’s demented (Lady Bunny comes to mind) “It’s Allrite To Fuck All Nite” (love the sick cover photo) and the fab Canadian instrumental disco masterpiece, “Hot Wax” by Mother F (love their sick cover art more).:


01-18-2009: I’m DJing out next Friday, pack your Dramamine!


02-15-2009: Guest DJs, DJ gigs, and these girls…
On March 1, The House of Stank will be in my house, to house your body up. Or down. Or sideways. W. Jeremy and Christy Love know how to tear some shit up, so tune in. You can also catch them every Friday at Mr. Black, where I’ll be slingin’ some sickness as their guest on March 13. In betwixt, I’ll be back at my favorite hang, mooseKnuckle to DJ, as opposed to misbehaving to score a free shot, as witness last weekend. Oh, and since I’m due to put up a hot image, I’ve brought along Strawberry Switchblades cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” Here they are, with just a touch of make-up and simple accessories. Jil Sander they ain’t!:

Strawberry Switchblade

02-28-2008: The House Of Stank III: The Return!
Third time’s a charm for the illustrious House Of Stank. Yes, yes, y’all Christy Love and W. Jeremy are back to tho’ down this ho’ down. Or something. These two are resident DJs every Friday at Mr. Black (where I’ll be joining them March 13) and have released a steady stream of digital releases, including my favorite, “4 Tha Freaks.” I bleeve they’ll be packin’ new jams for tonight. Anyway, they are a riot to hang with as you’ll hear when we’s cuttin’ up on the mic. Tune in!

03-03-2009: Disco Sickness: DJing at mooseKNUCKLE Friday 3/6 FREE!


03-29-2009: Tonight: Meet The Konga + Next Week, Severino of Horse Meat Disco, London!


This week, a fistful of great finds dug up at A1 on 6th St. First off, I gagged when I found The Konga’s (above) “African-O” Album. According to, “The Kongas, formed in France in the early 1970s, boasted several members that would change the face of disco music, among them Don Ray and Cerrone.” And I live for both of them. I don’t have the first Kongas LP from 1974, but several songs from it were released in extended mixes on the Africanism (1977) and African-O (1978) LPs. The drumming percussion is untouchable! Love Cerrone, but I want a Kongas reunion tour! Great additions to my Jungle Disco collection! Others found were the fierce 1981 remixes “Let’s Start II Dance Again,” off Bohannon’ s “Summertime Groove,” (1978) LP–if this record doesn’t get the party rockin’, pack your records and go home!–a great 2005 re-edit of DC LaRue’s “Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm,” from his 1979 Forces In The Night LP, the Erotic Drum Band’s “Touch Me Where It’s Hot” LP (Canadian disco rules!) and Dalton & Dubarri’s “If I (You) Can Dance All By My (Your) Self,” which I love for the lyrics. Here is the cover art for all:

Erotic Drum Band EVR

04-05-2009: Tonight: Severino of Horse Meat Disco (London)!
Tonight’s guest DJ is Severino Panzetta of London’s legendary Horse Meat Disco. A near legend on the international DJ scene, the man knows his shit and, like myself loves his sick disco as much as house, electro and assorted greasy beats. A show you don’t want to miss. And catch him live tonight at Suzanne Bartsch’s party, Vandam (downstairs).

Visit his myspace page for gig details and to hear his hot new electro productions under the name Age Of Steam: Pix of Severino below. Top photo is of (left to right) Horse Meat DJs Jim Stanton, Luke Howard, James Hillard and Severino. Bottom photo is of happy Horse Meat dancers, including, in the white, mutual friend, Caron Geary, whom all of you have heard often on this show as Cantankerous now known as Feral.


04-12-2009: Tonight: Saint Buck!
Tonight, another very special guest, Saint Buck, self-described as “a collaboration born from lust and love between artists Desi Santiago and Jared Buckhiester.” As I can’t improve on that, I’ll just add that these two have a very similar sensibility to my own twisted disco dementia, so strap in. Or on, hehe. You can hear Saint Buck weekly, live at Susanne Bartsch’s Vandam party (where last week’s EVR guest, DJ Severino of Horse Meat Disco, London, threw down a guest DJ set.) Desi was on once before, with Viva Ruiz, collectively known as Escandalo: They of the fierce “La Bruja” art/house (music) video on youtube. Tune in and, of course, stop by. If you’re regular listener, you know it’ll be a cute kiki.

Jared Desi

04-12-2009: Some photos of Saint Buck (Desi & Jared) on Penetration, earlier tonight:
We had a blast. Little vinyl fetish, Jared on the mixer and Desi playing Shaman + a lot of street action on the mic. Click the red “here” above and listen to the show. And check out Saint Buck at Susanne Bartscht’s Vandam party tonight!

Desi and Jared

04-24-2009: DJing this Sunday night, 10 – 12 @ Susanne Bartsch’s Vandam
Desi Santiago (aka Desi Monster) invited me to guest DJ at Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny’s fab Vandam party. Opening for DJ Will. Open bar 10 – 11, Free! At the Greenhouse at Varck & Vandam, Sunday, April 26. Here is the flyer I did for it, but you can see the official flyer on Facebook, just search “Vandam.” :


05-22-2009: Sunday, May 24: Shannon of They Shoot Homos Don


Recently featured in Fader Magazine, Shannon Michael Cane (aka TSHDT Daddy) is the charming man who publishes the gorgeous, anally designed Australian art magazine, They Shoot Homos Don’t They. The magazine comes with a CD of meticulously selected music, for which Mr. Cane is one of the curators. Now living in NYC, he began DJing while working in a record shop in Melbourne, where, for 9 years, he also produced the Witness Protection Program Social Club party. He’s loved hip hop, big beat and breaks (while living in London), before older Aussie DJs turned him on to the real shit: disco and house. Now fond of “a good hand-clap,” Shannon will make his way to the EVR studio to hang, chat, spin and be his usual mischievous self. This will be TSHDT magazine’s second appearance on EVR. The first was back in October of 2007, when Contributing Editor Adam Murry Kolberg joined us. (Scroll down to 10.07.07 to see the pix.) Tune in.

Fader Magazine feature: search “The Shoot…”

This is one of my last shows. It’s been fun, but change is in the air. Catch me on the rare live gig around town. I recently DJed Desi and Ladyfag’s room at Susanne Bartsch’s Vandam party (scroll down for flyer). What a rush!

05-25-2009: About Last Night: TSHDT Daddy on EVR + Meghan!
A few snapshots here from last night’s special guest, They Shoot Homos Don’t They magazine publisher, Shannon Michael Cane. Tune in next week for the very last Penetration on EastVillageRadio. Hope to wrangle a few fun guests to pop in and say hello, wave goodbye.

Shannon Michael Cane

Oh, also, finally got a shot of my not-so-private dancer, Megan. This lovely, sweet woman has been showing up every Sunday to dance in the EVR doorway. Last week we chatted on the air a bit. She loves her classics! Having her there has been a treat and I always bring a record or two with her in mind. I’ll miss her and DJing on the banks of the river of people and characters that is First Ave and 1st Street.

EVR Fan.png 


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