The Tee Service (Etsy) SAY GAY T-shirt in the May/June issue of Out Magazine.

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“SAY GAY” T-shirt Colorfully Fights “Don’t Say Gay”
100% of profits to be donated to organizations challenging “Don’t Say Gay” bills

A quick Google or search on Etsy will tell you that THE Pride gear of 2022 will be “SAY GAY” merchandise supporting the fight against “Don’t Say Gay” bills passed in Florida and proposed in 15 other states, such as Tennessee, Oklahoma and Ohio.

Etsy shop The Tee Service has introduced a colorful collection of “SAY GAY” T-shirts, totes, mugs and even throw pillows to show some love and support for LGBTQ kids, teens, parents, and teachers. The “SAY GAY” T-shirts are unisex and come in 8 colors. The large tote and throw pillow come in 5 popping colors.

100% of the profits from The Tee Service’s “SAY GAY” merchandise will be donated to fight passed and proposed “Don’t Say Gay” bills across the U.S.

Available at The Tee Service shop on Etsy via

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Images of models licensed from

DOWNLOAD a folder of “SAY GAY” images (includes transparent pngs of merchandise)
Images of models licensed from

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