Coping with COVID-19: How Are You Doing?

Editors and Friends Answer.

Contact: Andy Reynolds, Popular Publicity,

(New York, NY) August 31, 2020, NYC – New York publicist Andy Reynolds (Popular Publicity) revisits the poll he took in late March/early April to see how friends and colleagues are coping with the impact of the COVID-10 pandemic 5 months on.

Read the collected answers from a variety of people, including HuffPost Editor Curtin Wong, singer Billie Ray Martin and designer Louis D’Arienzo here.

The photo above of Danny Kavadlo is titled “Rage in the Time of Coronavirus.” It is by client and photographer Michael Alago, who’s autobiography, “I am Michael Alago: Breathing Music. Signing Metallica. Beating Death,” was published in March 2020.

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