From “American Idol” to Hell.
Queer Music Video Series Reveals
The Dark Side of Hollywood

Singer DIIMOND, Actor Emrhys Cooper and Director Leo Ramsey tell
“The Truth about Fairy Tales”
First video “Bad Attitude” out now

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(New York, NY) June 10, 2020 – Channeling Billie Holiday, Prince and Sylvester, glittering genderfluid pop/R&B singer DIIMOND sings of regret and frustration after being beaten, yet again, by his psychotically possessive manager, Damion, in “Bad Attitude,” his first music video from the forthcoming queer, Neo-noir musical miniseries, “The Truth About Fairy Tales.”

Starring DIIMOND and actor Emrhys Cooper, and set in the hard-partying Hollywood nightclub scene, “The Truth About Fairy Tales” tells the true story of a struggling music artist (DIIMOND), whose life becomes intoxicatingly glamorous upon meeting his Prince Charming manager/producer, Damion (Cooper).

But living the romantic show biz dream soon becomes a living hell. Pretty boy Damion is exposed as the Ike to DIIMOND’s Tina Turner. Imprisoned, abused, and at the mercy of Damion’s drug-fueled rage and self-hatred, a shaken and terrified DIIMOND takes his revenge.

Based on a bleak period in the career of DIIMOND, an award-winning recording artist and former “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” contestant, “The Truth About Fairy Tales” is a story of control, manipulation, emotional abuse and shattered dreams.

“My character, Damion, is an upcoming music producer who depicts some of the most malevolent elements of the human psyche, including psychopathic tendencies towards violence, and conflicted sexual interests,” says Cooper.

“There’ve been many recent occasions to observe the predatory nature of the entertainment business as exposed in the media,” adds director Leo Ramsey, “but there are so many more victims, especially around the margins, that we rarely see.”

Directed by Leo Ramsey with cinematography Ramon J. Goni, “Bad Attitude” is an intense music video, and shooting it was equally so for all involved.

“It felt very raw, says DIIMOND. Both Emrhys and I had to take breaks between scenes because it was so emotionally exhausting. Em really pulled the actor out of me for this because he was so committed to telling the  truth. He even kept apologizing for being so “rough” with me. Secretly, I didn’t mind that as much. Is that bad?!?”

“I knew the role was dark, so I tried to explore that side of myself,” explains Cooper, who many may know from his 2018 short film soon to be TV series, “Trophy Boy.” “Though we had a script, much of the dialogue was spontaneous. I felt a very strange energy come over me. It was a little scary. I felt very unhinged, like a different person. Afterwards, I couldn’t remember half the things that I did during the shoot.”

Ramsey agrees. “The process of filming “Bad Attitude” felt very much like an exorcism. It was an emotional set. There was fear and release of past trauma on many ends. It was very “method.” Sometimes the work draws you further in than you could have expected, and we all just leaned into it together and went there.

“Bad Attitude” and the forthcoming “Lungs” are from the first episode and pilot of “The Truth About Fairy Tales” musical television miniseries encompassing eight episodes, each of which will include five new songs by DIIMOND.

“Though I’ve recorded numerous songs written by others, like Ceelo Green,” says DIIMOND, “this is the first time I’ve written, produced and released music that I truly believe in.” •

DIIMOND and Emrhys Cooper shooting “The Truth About Fairy Tales: Bad Attitude” video. Photo by BTS “The Truth About Fairy Tales: Bad Attitude” Photo by Dennys Mamero. Download 4000px 300dpi version of this photo at

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Emrhys Cooper and DIIMOND take a break while shooting “The Truth About Fairy Tales: Bad Attitude.: BTS “The Truth About Fairy Tales: Bad Attitude” Photo by Dennys Mamero.


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