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Challah! NYC’s Oldest Kosher Dairy Restaurant Re-Opens

Taking take-out and delivery orders by DoorDash and phone.

May 28, 2020 (New York, NY) – B&H Dairy Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant, established in 1938, and one of the oldest kosher dairy lunch counters in Manhattan, has re-opened for take-out and delivery service.

The tiny 24-seat restaurant is famous for vegetarian Eastern European classics like matzo ball soup, borscht, pierogi, knish, stuffed cabbage and latkes, as well as the friendly atmosphere and “CHALLAH! por favor” T-shirts. Think “Cheers,” with Jewish food.

The hands down, not-to-be-missed superstar is their tuna melt, and now whitefish melt, on house-baked challah, about which Taste Senior Editor Anna Hezel raved, “There were two sweet, rich, butter-toasted slices of B&H’s house-baked challah sandwiching a slice of melted cheddar and a layer of their flaky, smoky whitefish salad,” and fellow food writer Max Falkowitz stated, “It reminded me of something you’d get in some high-end hipster sandwich shop that’d make you hate everyone, except here it was abundant and joyful and perfect.”

B&H Dairy is taking orders via the DoorDash delivery service and by phone at 212-505-8065.10AM-8PM. Check the B&H Instagram and Facebook page for links to the menu and daily specials @bandhdairy. Donate to the ongoing B&H Dairy GoFundMe campaign here.

Group photo from the cover of the 2020 B&H calendar by Jackson Krule. Exterior shots, Mike and Ola with pickles and Bogusia making pierogi by Andy Reynolds. Bernardo in the kitchen, borscht, whitefish melt by Gabi Porter. Click any photo below to view as a slideshow, captions, credits. Please do not repost any photos without a photographer credit.

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