RAW as Tickles in J.B Ghuman, Jr.’s “The Crown With a Shadow,” and iRAWniQ. Photo by John Allen Phillips Photography.

iRAWniQ is the Voice of a Transgender Squid in Animated Outfest film “Crown with a Shadow”

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Nonbinary actor, alternative hip hop artist and author Ris iRAWniQ Anderson is the voice of Tickles, a female-to-male squid with top surgery scars, in J.B. Ghuman, Jr.’s “The Crown with a Shadow” screening at the Outfest Film Festival on August 15. (Virtual screenings August 16-18.)

The film, an animated short about a fish who can morph its gender, also stars the voices of Paul Rubens, Jerri Halliwell, and Tatum O’Neal. 

In a special behind-the-scenes video, Ghuman asks both his nonbinary and trans actors Nova Valentina, Nova Donnell, Sawyer Thompson and iRAWniQ (who goes by “RAW”), “When do you feel your most natural self?” He says, “Given I created the film based on the fact the pink skunk clownfish naturally changes its gender, I felt compelled to shine a light on each, given their radiant stories, journeys and overall perspectives.”

Visit RAW’s Instagram, where they are enlightening others to the growing number of masc-identifying and nonbinary women who are opting for top surgery, but not because they are trans, but to create the body they want. 

Ghuman, who is known for his 2011 film “SPORK,” also directed RAW’s “Alien Pu$” and “No One Said it Would Be Easy” videos. RAW previously starred in Ghuman’s visual-sonic journey “The (ART) oF BE(i)NG,” which screened at OutFest and the Sundance Film Festival.

RAW’s newest video, “Oh My God,” is a collaboration with longtime friend Lisa D’Amato, the winner of “America’s Next Top Model: All Stars (Cycle 17),” is an anti-bullying ditty in which the two artistically shed light on the shade suffered by the shows contestants.

RAW recently authored and published their vibrantly illustrated children’s book, “Charlie’s Best Work Yet,” in which an androgynous fifth grader finds a hero in Jones. See sample pages here.

“The Crown with a Shadow” will screen Sunday, August 15 at 4:30pm and 7:30pm. Virtual screenings available August 16-18. Tickets are available here.  •

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iRAWniQ by Bre’Ann White
iRAWniq by Bre’Ann White
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