April 22, 2020 (New York, NY) – A Second U Foundation is a four-year-old organization run out of Complete Body gym in the Flatiron District that turns non-violent offender ex-cons into employed, personal trainers, 93% of whom remain employed as such.

I saw the great work that founder Hector Guadalupe and his team are doing and offered my services pro-bono in an effort to get A Second U the recognition they’ve earned, with the New York Times being the ultimate goal.

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, A Second U was featured on the front page of New York Times Styles. The story ran two days earlier online and was picked up by the Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun. On Tuesday, April 21, CNN ran an interview with Hector.

Above is Hector checking out the story, “Feel Like You’re in Prison? These Trainers Actually Were” by Katherine Rosman. The terrific photo of Hector and some of his team is by Kyle McClure, a friend and founder of Rhone fitness apparel, who makes and donates A Second U’s uniforms. Seeing the Times story was very moving to all of us. Above is a photo of Hector checking out the story and photos of the print version.

To speak to A Second U Foundation founder Hector Guadalupe, contact me at andy@popularpublicity.com or contact him directly via the website at www.asecondufoundation.org.

Below, is the trailer for the A Second U docushort, “The Second Act,” released March 27, 2020, “The Second Act” poster, and the trailer for the docuseries about “A Second U Foundation.” More videos on the Unibody Fitness/ A Second U Foundation YouTube page.



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