Even Carrie Bradshaw Never Cared This Much About Shoes

How former Gucci and Jimmy Choo shoe designer Louis D’Arienzo
is reducing your carbon footprint, one pair at a time

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(New York, NY) 00.00.20 (forthcoming) –When it comes to environmentally conscious design, former Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and current Ermenengildo Zegna footwear designer Louis D’Arienzo not only talks-the-talk, but walks the walk. Literally. The Payada marks his third collection of sleek, eco-friendly, gender-neutral shoes for his eponymous label, and will debut Summer/Pre-Fall 2020.

“The industry I work in is terribly polluting,” says D’Arienzo. “I promised myself that should I bring a product to market, I would use the most environmentally conscious materials and processes possible, which is no small feat! You’re spoiled for choice with the standard materials that the industry currently uses, which are comparatively much less expensive, but unfortunately do not respect the environment.”

With the development of every collection D’Arienzo continues to research materials that have low or no impact on the environment, and makes every attempt to implement sustainable ways of manufacturing.

D’Arienzo states on his website “Let’s encourage each other to embrace better ways of making by sharing our resources, breakthroughs and successes.” He is happy to share information, contacts and experience working green with anyone who is interested. Just contact him via his website.

 “What is important, however, is that the product leads with its aesthetic,” says D’Arienzo. A great looking shoe indeed, the Payada reflects a melting pot of subtle influences, from the casual urbanity of a slip-on, to the shape of a Moroccan espadrille, to D’Arienzo’s love of gaucho (South American  cowboys) culture. The Payada is named after the ten-line improvised verses sung by payadors, gaucho singers who battle using song and guitar (similar in attitude to hip-hop). His previous collection was called the Payador.

“There is a sexy, non-precious and relaxed quality to gaucho style while at the same feeling smart and considered. Gaucho’s take pride in how they present themselves,” he says.

A New York City area native, now based in Paris, Louis D’Arienzo’s operations are essentially based in Porto, Portugal. “Portugal has a long standing culture of great shoe-making. Many smaller and emerging labels continue to look to Portugal. They offer a quality product at a very fair price that can be passed down to the customer,” says D’Arienzo. “When I was organizing the biggest spokes on the wheel, I made sure my key partners, factory and fulfilment center were in close proximity. In fact they are a 45-minute drive from each other. Even my website designers and technicians are based in the Porto area. Trying to keep my footprint as small and tight as possible.”

D’Arienzo is not only committed to environmentally conscious living, but also socially conscious good works. In 2019,  he collaborated on a “Pride” shoe benefitting the New York LGBT Center’s youth program. The design, which features a sketch of two hands holding one another and surrounded by X’s and O’s over the word “Pride,” was created by 20-year-old Michael Nieves who received a share of the sales. (The “Pride” shoe was written up in Out.com and Forbes.com)

The Payada by Louis D’Arienzo will be available in three colors, black (with brown sole), cocoa and yellow ochre (both with an off-white sole) Summer/Pre-Fall 2020. The Payador is available now for retail and wholesale purchase at www.louisdarienzo.com. •


* For detailed info about Louis D’Arienzo’s manufacturing process, please visit the “How We Work” page at www.louisdarienzo.com and read the Q&A with him via the Louis D’Arienzo page at www.popularpublicity.com

See the multi-view images of the Payada (not yet on the Louis D’Arienzo website) on the Louis D’Arienzo page at www.popularpublicity.com

For U.S. wholesale inquiries, to speak to Louis D’Arienzo, or questions, please contact Andy Reynolds at Popular Publicity at andy@popularpublicity.com

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