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02.22.19 “Trophy Boy” to Become a TV Series
01.14.19: “Trophy Boy” to screen at Hollywood Reel, Santa Fe Film Festivals
11.05.18: PHOTOS: Colorful NYC Personalities turn out for Final “Trophy Boy” Screening. Actor Charlie Carver, nightlife star Iman Le Caire among guests.
10.21.18: PHOTOS: “Trophy Boy” Premiere, October 21, SoHo House, New York City
10.01.18: PRESS RELEASE: “Trophy Boy” Short Film Pulls Back Curtain on Social Media Star’s #bestlife Oct 22

“Trophy Boy” synopsis
James (Emrhys Cooper), a sexy, youthful sought-after Instagram star in high-society, and self-proclaimed “Trophy Boy,” is dumped by his wealthy live-in benefactor (Gerald McCullouch). Now he must learn that the real world is not the facade he’s built for himself on social media.

“Trophy Boy” Full Synopsis
“Trophy Boy” is your classic “riches-to-rags” story. It depicts the downward spiral of James – a spoiled, influencer and narcissist, who, based on his social media accounts, appears to have it all. But, just before his 30th birthday, his much older boyfriend, on whom he was financially dependent, breaks up with him. James now must face reality with no work experience and no idea where to start. With his sex-addicted best buddy by his side, James takes a crash course in living and sets out to prove that he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him. He ultimately ends up alienating himself further from reality and comes face-to-face with the bitter fact that if he doesn’t learn to live as an adult in the real world, he’ll never be more than a washed-up, unwanted accessory.

“Trophy Boy” Film Festival Review Quotes
“CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – Emrhys Cooper’s Trophy Boy is a must-see film that will make us look at ourselves! ★★★★★”– Film & Business Television, May 11, 2018

“Trophy Boy is an excellent film that addresses a subject that the whole world is currently involved in; Social Media. A definite ★★★★★” – JustCelebrityMag.com, May 11, 2018

““Trophy Boy is one of the best films I’ve seen this year, if not the best. About the excesses and downfalls of living a social media life.” – Author tweet regarding his review, Movies Over the Rainbow, April 30, 2018

“But, it’s Cooper who steals the limelight. With impeccable dialogue delivery, amazing body language and performance, he consumes the screen every time he faces the camera…The climax is a pure masterpiece in terms of both, acting and story.” – Indie Shorts Mag, September 14, 2018

“Cooper & Johnston, who shoulder the responsibility as the director and co-writers, have woven such a compelling tale for the millennials that it’s hard not to be affected! The dialogues and characters are relatable, the storytelling is as effortless as the performances and the background score is complimentary. Without giving away much, the climax is a pure masterpiece in terms of both, acting and story.  The dark, haunting depth attained in performance and narration makes ‘Trophy Boy’ worth a watch!” – Indie Shorts Magazine, September 14, 2018

“Actor Emrys Cooper’s performance in “Trophy Boy” (which also showed at Cannes) was a highlight at the Catskill International Film Festival held in Callicoon, NY, last weekend.” – River Reporter, September 13-19, 2018

“Trophy Boy is the film equivalent of accidentally opening the front-facing camera on your phone while lying down, revealing your double chin. It shows us the real lives of these immaculately groomed people and the extreme lengths they go to for social media attention.” – Review Avenue(UK), June 4, 2018

“Trophy” Boy stills by Andrew Werner


“Trophy Boy” behind the scenes photos by Andrew Werner


Emrhys Cooper by Mikhail Kharlamov


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