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The Saint at Large presents Rites XL: The Black Party 2019 “CALIGULA: The Last Party” April 6, 2019

The Saint At Large presents Rites XL: The Black Party®
40th Anniversary
April 6, 2019
1108 Oak Point Ave, Bronx, NY 10474
New York City
Theme: Caligula

Rites XL: The Black Party® happens on April 6 in New York City.

This is the 40th anniversary for the world’s preeminent immersive gay fetish dance event.

Theme: Caligula
Byrell the Great
Roi Perez
Ryan Smith
Mike Servito
Bio and SoundCloud sets at

Please be aware that there is no press list or press passes issued for The Black Party®, except for exceedingly rare instances.

And yes, we get the irony of doing media outreach, but forbidding admittance to press, but there is a reason: respect for the privacy and freedom of attendees.

For those who get this and appreciate or are curious about this legendary party, which draws an international crowd, we are happy to talk, share fantastic photos and invite you down to the office to me the producers.

Media Inquiries:

Note: No press, cameras, phones or media will be admitted to The Black Party®. Attendees are asked to respect each other’s privacy and freedom of expression. Phones and cameras must be checked at the door. This is mandatory. Security will confiscate the mobile device of any patron violating the no cellphone policy. Busted patrons can claim their phones at the end of the event after deleting all images from their phone, cloud, etc. Those who disrespect this rule will be blacklisted from all future Saint At Large events.

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