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05.22.18 Hunky Personal Trainer’s Drag YouTube Series Promises to Make 2018 Your Best Summer of Sex, Ever.
05.08.18 Personal Trainer and Total Babe Branden Hayward’s 6 WOW (Words of Wisdom) For Great Sex

Hunky high intensity New York City-based personal trainer Branden Hayward is on a mission to make 2018 your best year of sex, ever. With the assistance of alter ego drag queen trainer Wanda, Hayward has produced a YouTube mini-series meant to do exactly that.

“Sustain Your Change with Personal Trainer Branden Hayward: 6 Gym/Diet Hacks for Better Sex” is a set of six two-minute episodes packed with solid how-to advice geared toward helping Hayward’s gay brethren feel confident, happy and sexy in–or out–of the bedroom.

From “How to Become a Dynamite Top” to “How to Power Through Your Workout Plateau,” to reducing your fist intake (portion sizes!) Wanda, with the help of her libidinous client, delivers straightforward (ish), butt-busting exercises, easy to follow diet guidance, and a life lesson or two.

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