Above: NSFW themed promo video for Black Party 2019.

April 6, 2018 • New York Expo Center • The Bronx • New York City

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Image galleries from The Black Party 2010 – 2018 via the menu at www.saintatlarge.com

At Rites XXXIX: The Black Party® 2018 “PIGTOPIA: I Want to Break Free” Photo by Jeff Eason

(New York, NY) February 14 – Celebrating its 40thanniversary, Rites XL: The Black Party® happens on April 6 in New York City. Produced by The Saint at Large® organization, The Black Party is considered the father of all large gay circuit events and remains unchallenged as the forbearer in an ever-changing NYC nightlife environment. It’s an unapologetically, sexually-propelled LGBTQ phenomenon with a religious-like following.

This year’s theme “Caligula,” will transport attendees into a darkly decadent world of world of indulgent rituals, exotic arena performances (the party’s infamous “Strange Live Acts) and grand, exotic and erotic pageantry.


Leo_Herrera_Black_Party_2019_Caligula Visuals Preview

Lighting up the night will be the super-saturated visuals by filmmaker and gay historian Leo Herrera, producer of “The Fathers Project (Imagine a world where AIDS never happened and our heroes lived. Who would they be? Who would we be?). Previous themes include “Pigtopia: I Want to Break Free” (2018), “Dark Matter” (2017), and “Submerged” (2016). See photos from these parties and more by clicking “Photo Gallery” in the menu at www.saintatlarge.com.

Above: Early promo video for Black Party 2019.

About The Black Party®

Held this year on April 6, The Black Party®’s annual Rites of Spring celebration has firmly established itself as gay New York’s biggest, most intense nightlife event of the year. After 40 legendary years, it remains reliably and utterly unique; a mysterious, and highly anticipated one-night only, no-holds barred, nocturnal carnival.

Jetting in from over three continents, the loyal tribe numbers over 4000. All arrive eager to shed their winter skins, inhibitions and everyday personas. The order of the night: gear up, dance and revel in this carefully constructed alternate universe of fetish, fantasy and fun that is The Black Party®.

The Black Party is structured like a five act opera with a backstory, a director, featured actors, professional theatrical production and lighting design, and state-of-the-art sound system. To enter the world of The Black Party® is to enter into an immersive experience, a transporting vortex of rhythm and light, ignited throughout the night by the party’s infamous Strange Live Acts and delightfully subversive multimedia installations. This year’s theme is “Caligula,” with porn star Matthias Von Fistenberg playing the title role.

The Black Party® is produced by The Saint At Large® organization. Inspired by the its legendary namesake nightclub, The Saint (1980 – 1988), Saint At Large® has built a reputation as the preeminent gay producer of nightlife entertainment, known and respected worldwide for its ambitious productions, cutting edge innovations and spectacular staging.

About the Venue: New York Expo Center

The New York Expo Center  boasts an amazing 10-acre venue space located directly on the East River Waterfront. Featuring 90,000 square feet interior space with a 60,000 square foot main event space. It is the largest no-closing-time-required permanent space in the five boroughs. The New York Expo Center is a favorite concert venue for international superstar DJs and as such, for The Black Party®, the space will be installed with the most advanced sound and light system in the world. https://www.newyorkexpocenter.com

Please visit www.saintatlarge.com for tickets, info and a comprehensive list of FAQs.

Listings info:

THE SAINT AT LARGE® presents Rites XL: The Black Party®
“CALIGULA: The Last Party”
New York Expo Center
1108 Oak Point Ave,
Bronx, NY 10474 New York City
Theme: Caligula
Dress: Heavy*
Separate after-hours ticket available. Check the website for details.
Tickets: http://saintatlarge.com

*Serious fetish clothing (leather, rubber, harnesses, gear), in the case of The Black Party®, often custom designed or customized to reflect the party’s theme.

**NOTE: No press, cameras, phones or media will be admitted to The Black Party®. Attendees are asked to respect each other’s privacy and freedom of expression. Phones and cameras must be checked at the door. This is mandatory. Security will confiscate the mobile device of any patron violating the no cellphone policy. Busted patrons can claim their phones at the end of the event after deleting all images from their phone, cloud, etc. Those who disrespect this rule will be blacklisted from all future Saint At Large® events.

Black Party Advance Tickets are available online now. For tickets, volunteer information and further details: http://www.saintatlarge.com or (212) 674-8541.

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