THE BLACK PARTY 2018: “PIGTOPIA Teaser #3”. is final of three teaser videos made in anticipation of this year’s party. The dark and demented short film was produced by Leo Herrera with footage by Black Party 2018 Creative Director, international queer artist Gio Black Peter. (Last year’s Creative Director Rob Roth was profiled in the New York Times.)

Teaser #2 was produced by prolific filmmaker and photographer BunnyZ has released this gorgeous teaser video for this year’s party. Featuring footage from last year’s “Dark Matter” and 2016’s “Submerged” party, the video is a dazzling look into the exclusive, gay, fetish, and all ’round gloriously queer annual event.

The Black Party 2018 Teaser #1 video, was a twisted twist on the #SatisfactionChallenge if there ever was one, was also made by Gio Black Peter. Get the CENSORED version here.


The Black Party is not for everyone and frankly, the produces don’t give AF. Seriously. There is no press list. Cameras and phones are forbidden; secrecy and respect for ones right to fly his/her/their freak flag without some fool dishing it on social media is foremost. (Check your phone at the door or risk being bodily booted from the party, no refund or fucks given.)

But for those to whom The Black Party® is the culmination of a year’s patient anticipation (and shopping), it is everything. So, get your lewk togehther, cause this is one party that doesn’t play, when it comes to playing.

Tickets at


THE SAINT AT LARGE presents Rites XXXIX: The Black Party 2018
“PIGTOPIA: I Want to Break Free”

April 21, 2018 • New York City
NEW VENUE: Brooklyn Warehouse
169 54th Street (Entrance)
Brooklyn, NY 11232
21+ Valid ID Required
Sponsored by Priape.comArt by Gio Black Peter
Age 27 & UNDER Ticket: $65 (Limited. At door, cash only before 12:30AM, if available)

*NOTE: No press, cameras, phones or media will be admitted to The Black Party®. Attendees are asked to respect each other’s privacy and freedom of expression. Phones and cameras must be checked at the door. This is mandatory. Security will confiscate the mobile device of any patron violating the no cellphone policy. Busted patrons can claim their phones at the end of the event after deleting all images from their phone, cloud, etc. Those who disrespect this rule will be blacklisted from all future Saint At Large events.

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PRESS RELEASE: The Saint at Large® presents Rites XXXIX: The Black Party® 2018 “PIGTOPIA: I Want to Break Free” April 21, 2018

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