A Second U Foundation


Contact: Andy Reynolds, Popular Publicity, andy@popularpublicity.com

A Second U Foundation is a three-year-old organization run out of a gym in the Flatiron District that turns non-violent offender ex-cons into employed, personal trainers, 93% of whom remain employed as such.

Above is the trailer for the DocUseries about “A Second U Foundation.” More videos on the Unibody Fitness/ A Second U Foundation YouTube page.

I am pitching stories on Hector Guadeloupe, the charismatic founder of A Second U and can arrange for you to spend a day with Hector and members of his team. I can’t pitch the man and his organization better than he, so please meet Hector, watch the video(s) above and at www.asecondufoundation.org

Contact me to talk to Hector and for more information.

Men’s clothing line Rhone recently became the official sponson of A Second U Foundation fitness apparel.

There will be a fundraiser for A Second U Foundation on October 26, from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Lulumon HUB seventeen co-working space, 114 Fifth Avenue. See promo below.


A Second U is not a Popular Publicity client, but I am a great admirer of the work that they do and am voluntarily reaching out to select media on their behalf.



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